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OCAD University

Data Overload: Data-embedded 3D Visualization

Research ∙ Information Visualization

A straightforward modeling of data, which explores bar graph orientation capabilities in three-dimensional space.


Imagine being able to hold data in your hands! This explosion of information in the physical realm was inspired by sensory overload in autism, where a constant barrage and overload of sensory information provide an atypical way of perceiving the world.


Three datasets revolving around autism statistics from 20 countries were used to dictate the circumference, length, height, width, and other dimensions of each geometry. Hence, the pieces itself are direct translation of statistical information, embedding data into 3D pieces in a tangible and interactive way.

Each data set were assigned its own geometry. Thus, the length, width and radius correspond to a statistical number.

Using the same data sets as Spherical Geometry, IQ levels were translated into ridges. Depending on the IQ level, the ridges could be close or far apart. This provides varying rhythms (or sounds when scratched) across the faces of the sphere.