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Uncharted Software Inc

Equity Research for Portfolio Managers

User Experience Design ∙ User Interface Design


Design an app enabling portfolio managers to track movements in their portfolio and be notified of newly-released equity research from both internal and external sources.


A company partner and I worked on-site with the client for two days to get a deep understanding of their issues with current app state, technological and data limitations, desires for future state, etc. On

On day 2, we presented rough sketches and wireframes of our visualization ideas based on the what we heard during the information gathering session. We made adjustments on the spot to confirm we understood the client's feedback then took the ideas back to the office to complete the rest of the worklow and high-fidelity design in Sketch. We continued to iterate over a few weeks with the client then prepared the assets for handoff to the client's development team.

Rough sketch using icons and varying sizes to denote changes in the portfolio and how it scales on different devices.


What used to be a simple table of equities was converted into a series of visualizations that can be sliced and diced depending on what the porftolio managers want to see. A rounded teardrop shape around an equity notifies the portfolio manager of new research available while the color of the outline marks the rating (e.g., green for buy, red for sell, etc.) The heatmap and treemap visualizations provide an overview of movements in their portfolio and the market, respectively. For those who prefer the simple table, they can switch back using the settings menu or tap a specific equity for additional information.