guia gali

OCAD University


Packaging Design


This collaborative project's goal was to eliminate plastic structural inserts from the original Glade Scented Oil Candle packaging. This would allow the company to be more in line with sustainable practices while reducing material costs.


The new dieline features a triangular anti-prism reflective of the oil candle's unique shape. We experimented with many geometries and found the anti-prism to be more accommodating of the product's heavy copy (i.e. flammable warnings) while still providing an eye-catching shape. An extra flap folds inward, functioning as the structural holder for the candles.

While the new dieline uses a lot more paper, it does eliminate the need for additional plastic inserts. It is also printed on a thinner stock since it can survive a lot more pressure from the sides due to its triangles' ribbing effect.


Featured in Packaging Structures by Sendpoints Publishing Co., Limited, 2011.